Shady Grove Farm

Website: www.shadygrovefarm.org

Shady Grove Farm is a small diversified Livestock farm located in Berryville, AR. At Shady Grove Farm we believe that placing the health, happiness and wellbeing of our animals above all other farm priorities enables us to provide the healthiest and best tasting food for our customers! Our chickens grow up free-ranging in the truest sense of the word. At night they are protected from predators in shelters that allow them to roost as chickens should, while during the day they have free run of the pasture. Although 2011 will be our first full year farming at Shady Grove, it is our goal to create a multi-species rotational grazing program that will build soil and allow the livestock to experience life as it should be for ruminants and birds! We look forward to feeding our neighbors while building a sustainable future!

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