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Grower: Oak Hill Farm
Price: $1.50 ( bunch )
Available (Estimated): 3

Young arugula, bunched. Fresh, and always organic.
Classic Italian
Grower: Oak Hill Farm
Price: $2.00 ( each )
Available (Estimated): 8

Big, tender, eggplants that are not bitter. Wonderful for eggplant parmesan. Each large eggplant is generally over 1/2 lb., so ... more
Green and Red Peppers
Grower: Oak Hill Farm
Price: $1.25 ( each )
Available (Estimated): 17

These are sweet peppers in green, red, and every color in between!
HOT Cayenne!
Grower: Fiddlehead Farm
Price: $2.00 ( 15 )
Available (Exact): 40

"Come on Baby light my fire." For real - 1 pepper was sufficient in stir-fry-for-three. We're now drying and crushing ... more
Grower: Fiddlehead Farm
Price: $2.00 ( 13 )
Available (Exact): 40

"You light up my life." Yep, they are HOT. Salsa without jalapeno? Forget about it. Mixed sizes averaging medium.
Okra- Clemson Spineless
Grower: Oak Hill Farm
Price: $3.00 ( 1 pint )
Available (Estimated): 5

Fresh and tender, this okra can be prepared countless ways: steamed, stir-fried, deep-fried, cut in rounds and tossed raw in ... more
Organic Garlic
Grower: Fiddlehead Farm
Price: $3.00 ( 2 large heads or equivalent of 1/3lb. in medium heads )
Available (Exact): 193

Garlic! Garlic! Garlic! Heads large and small.
Organic Tomatoes
Grower: Oak Hill Farm
Price: $3.50 ( lb )
Available (Estimated): 0

A variety of heirlooms and hybrids.
Sungold Cherry Tomatoes
Grower: Oak Hill Farm
Price: $4.50 ( pint )
Available (Estimated): 0

Just the best tasting tomato.
Sweet Banana Peppers
Grower: Fiddlehead Farm
Price: $2.00 ( 10 )
Available (Exact): 50

Yellow Sweet Banana Peppers. Average size 5" long. Wonderful in salads, sauces, stir fry, you name it.
Sweet Bell Peppers
Grower: Fiddlehead Farm
Price: $2.00 ( 6 )
Available (Exact): 40

Medium sized for stuffing, salads, sauces and more. Each bite is a burst of juicy flavor! Yummmm...
Yellow Summer Squash
Grower: Oak Hill Farm
Price: $2.50 ( 1 lb )
Available (Estimated): 1

Straightneck summer squash. So tender. Wonderful grilled or pan fried.